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What is Grohe India?

Grohe India is a company that understands how the bathroom has become the place you go not just for a bath, but to renew, rejuvenate, and relax. The flow of water on skin washes away the day's tension, the aches and pains of overwork, and aids in the recovery from that nasty cold, or bout of the flu. Standing under a shower, bending over the sink to splash water on our faces in the morning, or soaking in a hot bath after a hard afternoon working in the yard, all have the powerful ability to restore us and bring us back around.
And let's not forget the lusciousness of a leisurely candle lit bath before bed, a most soothing and relaxing way to pamper yourself - complete with fragrant bath salts and music...what luxury! Grohe offers you a wide rage of accessories, showers, and faucets to help you style a bathroom that meets your demands for a great place to relax and refresh.
Their designers have created a combination of beauty and function that is unmatched. They have also created advanced technologies to meet today's need to protect water resources and the ecology. Here is a small list describing their elegant offerings.
Grohe EcoJoy
Mindful of protecting the environment, without sacrificing beauty and function, this technology is unique to Grohe.
Showers – Save up to 40% of water with this design. There is no loss of water flow, just a highly efficient water management system to save precious water.
Thermostats – Achieve the desired water temperature in less than a second, and it remains steady throughout your shower. No waiting, and no waste of energy to get water heated.
Grohe Faucets
Spa Collection – Larger, tall faucets to raise water outlet well above the sink or tub, leaving plenty of room above the water surface. Faucets come in chrome, black, single or double hot and cold temperature controls, and each is a unique design created for aesthetics, function, and easy to clean surfaces.
Cosmopolitan – Sleek, minimalist and ultra modern European designs. Most are operated with single handles. Stainless steel and chrome.
Contemporary – Compact, simple and modern, with either single handles and temperature controls, or hot and cold.
Authentic – Traditional faucet with hot and cold controls with four-pronged handles.
Shower Systems
Rain Shower - This is a true hydrotherapy system, featuring a thermostat for perfect temperature control, and an oversize shower head that points straight down. Water rains gently down on you from above. Accessories include body showers mounted on the walls to spray your body from the sides and front, drenching your entire body in soothing, perfect temperature water. They are adjustable, so everyone in your family can enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy, from the smallest to the tallest.
Euphoria System - Features the Grohe DreamSpray and the TurboStat in one complete system. The thermostat provides precise temperature control. The over-sized shower head can be moved to any position you like, and unclips to provide a hand shower. The Euphoria hand shower has won awards for design and function of the spray patterns.
If you are looking for the finest experience of bathroom function and luxury, then Grohe India can help you create the bathroom of your dreams.